Case Study

St Martins Lane Maximising Efficiency

FMS recently worked with a client in Central London to reconfigure their existing office and increase the usable space. The project was challenging due to budget constraints and working in an occupied space but, with some creative design and space planning,

FMS was able to provide a new meeting suite of 3 rooms as well as an additional 12 desks within the same footprint. Refurbishment works to a tired staff kitchen also provided a new space with a dishwasher and hot water! The office interior was redecorated throughout and new carpet replaced worn laminate to match existing flooring. Increased branding and signage provided additional visual improvements for the clients’ staff and visitors.

By re-using existing glazing to create a meeting room and open-plan privacy partitions, FMS was able to make cost savings, reduce waste and environmental impacts whilst providing a dynamic interior for the client.

The final result provides our client with an exciting and upgrading office environment which is better suited to their business needs, increased meeting and private space and more efficient seating for higher numbers of staff.