Case Study

Zurich Switzerland

In late 2016, FMS were engaged by our client to provide Real Estate, Project Management and Design services for a relocation in Zurich, Switzerland. The client’s existing premises were to be redeveloped by the landlord which meant a move was the only option available.

 FMS were involved from the very beginning of the process, starting with development of the space requirements and budgets for both capital investment and operational expenses so that the client could accurately forecast financially. At the same time, we worked with the local management team and Zurich property agents to identify available sites which met the space, location and amenity requirements. A short list of properties was identified and FMS were on hand to view them first-hand and offer advice to inform the client’s decision. Test fit layouts were created to ensure the space planning requirements could be met – both from the client’s standards and in accordance with Swiss regulations. Based on a review of all of the information, the client selected a new 2,500m2 office space in a building very close to their existing offices. A budget review was conducted and, due to the selected space being offered in shell-and-core condition, adjustments were made accordingly.

Once the building selection was determined, FMS progressed to the second phase of the project and began detailed interior design. Due to the nature of the space being received in shell-and-core condition, along with an aesthetic design and environmental philosophy, the decision was made to specify an open ceiling with visible HVAC and electrical services incorporated into the design. This factor was important in creating a modern and dynamic environment for the users of the space and informed many other aspects of the design detail. Acoustic performance was considered carefully and standard inclusions such as partition wall composition were supplemented by the use of carpets backed with acoustic material as well as feature wall panels made from recycled PET plastics.

FMS engaged with a local consultant to develop the technical M&E design to ensure the HVAC, electrical and lighting systems were designed to the correct performance levels, both to suit the client’s requirements and to satisfy local standards. These technical designs were coordinated alongside the interior design to ensure the functionality and aesthetics worked together to provide a space which looked great but also performed efficiently.

FMS also worked closely with the selected main contractor to develop the detailed design and ensure the client received best value for money. Some items were value engineered to suit the client’s budget without affecting the final result and certain key items were retained due to their importance to the overall design. FMS also coordinated with the contractor to develop a realistic programme of works around which the client could plan their business and IT services relocation. Weekly project meetings were held via teleconference with the key client stakeholders including local management, IT, HR, Finance, Security and Facilities Management to ensure all requirements were incorporated to the overall project scope. Weekly progress and photo reports ensured the client was kept up to date with progress on site and the FMS Project Manager and Designer visited site regularly during the project to oversee the works.

The relocation of the business and 275-person headcount into their new space was managed under the scope of the local FM team, however FMS were involved from the early stages to assist with advice and coordination of the complex requirements, including furniture, equipment, storage, space planning and coordination between key business units.

After a total project timeline of just over 18 months, the new office opened for business in March 2018. The local business was delighted with their exciting new space and the project was delivered on time and within budget.