14 August 2020

The global pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for everyone worldwide and has impacted on the day to day life of all of us, both at home and in our working lives.
Although all of us at FMS are well used to challenges and overcoming issues, this one has been a very different scenario to anything that has come before it.
Most of our client sites closed down and although the majority of people started to work from home, our team, like everyone else, has had to adapt to a new way of working, supporting our clients in whatever we can, whilst ensuring that their properties continue to be maintained and ready for reoccupation when that happens.
With this in mind, our team has been busy in providing a whole range of support services.
We have been working with our partners to provide enhanced cleaning services, special cleans and supplied hand sanitiser dispensers and sanitising solution to a number of our locations.
FMS has also carried out numerous Covid 19 Risk assessments for our clients, advising them on measures that they need to put in place to ensure a safe place of work when their teams come back to the office.
As part of this work, our design team produced new CAD plans for our clients, showing safe routes for walkways and which desks can be occupied etc to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.
This has allowed our clients to understand the impact of the new rules around maintaining a safe distance from colleagues and visitors and enabled them to see how the capacity of the work environment has been impacted.
This will help in the planning phase of returning to work, hopefully in the near future.
Our team has designed and sourced a range of Covid related signage for our clients which we have put in place at numerous locations, working with our partners both in the UK and further afield.
The pandemic has and continues to be a stressful, emotional and financially difficult time for so many people.
We thank all of our staff for being so helpful, supportive and understanding and so grateful to our clients too, many of whom that have chosen to continue to support us and our suppliers through this very difficult period. Together we are stronger.
We are always here to help, if your Company needs support to cope with the challenges that Covid 19 has brought to all of us, please give FMS a call.

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