Facilities Management Companies in London Can Offer More Office Services Than You Think

22 October 2018

Setting up a new office is a huge milestone in the development of your company. As you’re moving in, you’re thinking about all the new opportunities it offers. You also need to be thinking about the other services you’ll need when you’re up and running. Here’s just a few of the services that facilities management companies in London can provide for you.

Refreshment services

Your employees need feeding and watering, and you’re going to need to cater to those needs. There are several ways that facilities management companies can do this. They can bring in water coolers and vending machines and even overlook the refilling and maintenance of them. They can also hire in full staff to run a canteen for your employees if you so wish. There are plenty of options that they can walk you through.


Having many people in a building all day means it gets messy and fast. Floors need vacuuming, surfaces need cleaning and bathrooms need to be scrubbed, and sometimes not just after everyone has gone home is enough. Your facilities manager will hire in a housekeeping team to clean your offices after hours and keep on top of their employee needs. All you have to worry about is getting to work on time…


There’s a lot of building equipment around that you won’t notice until it goes wrong. If a pipe bursts or your power goes out, what can you do? Your facilities manager can hire specialist workers to maintain and repair these services as needed. Thanks to them, you’ll never be without the essentials for long.

Security services

Of course, your business is going to need security. Depending on what you do, you’ll want only certified personnel walking around your building. You’ll also want them to keep an eye on what comes in and out of the office via deliveries, too. Facilities management companies can provide security staff for you, and manage them.

Reception staff

Your reception staff should be the backbone of your company. They know where everyone is at all times, and are the first point of contact for anyone who gets in touch with the company. Facilities management companies know where to find the best receptionists, and bring them straight to you. All you have to worry about is doing your own job, while everyone else slots in around you. If you need someone to manage your building, here at Facilities Management Services we can offer you the best services possible. We operate in London and throughout other areas of the UK too. We’ll create a bespoke package just for you, ensuring you’ll get the services you need at a price that’s right for you. Get in touch and see how we can help you.  

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