Using your FM Provider to deliver Capital Projects

14 January 2020

Capital FM projects can vary in their size, overall project value, complexity and timescale.  They can arise as part of a planned programme of work to refurbish a building or as part of a growth or cost reduction corporate strategy which may impact on headcount and space planning.  Other projects occur in response to an immediate and often unexpected emergency, such as building repairs or statutory compliance requirements. 

For all of these projects, the FM provider on-site or closely working with the customer already has a detailed knowledge of the business and so FM projects delivered by FM operators are usually lower in risk and value.  Having an approved and engaged service partner that can react quickly and provide flexible responses to changes in real estate strategies & customer needs is a great advantage. It can mean a reduction in the time taken to plan and manage a project through inception, design and implementation.   The FM team with an already established cost management process in place with the customer will be able to provide greater transparency and control of costs.

With many of our customers operating across EMEA, a projects team that is part of a facilities services team means a more consistent approach across all sites, often resulting in high-quality standards and shared best practice. Using an FM provider to deliver capital projects means there will be greater management of risk and a reduction of it. This would mean a safer working environment ensuring all commercial, health and safety requirements are met. 

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